• Brick replacement and repairs
  • All brick repairs undertaken is carried out by our qualified bricklayers with years of experience within the industry.
    From replacing to rebuilding and re-pointing, we can carry out any task to your specification all by utilizing ropes as means of access. This eliminates the long term duration of the project as would be the case when using other forms of access.

  • Render cladding repairs
  • Cracked and damaged cladding or render can pose a serious risk of injury to passers-by and building users. We can carry out a range of tests where we establish underlying damage to concrete cladding and render. Fragments can then safely be removed and repaired using suitable materials.

  • Roof repairs
  • Water ingress can lead to costly property and possessions damage. We provide a leak detection and repair service to all buildings and properties. By using a water test system along with infrared cameras we can track down the source of leaks and repair or recommend appropriate remedial works to rectify the issues.

  • Mastic and sealant applications
  • Using only high quality natural sealants we can ensure that any joints, window frames, roof edges or any other locations will be sealed up and water tights for years to come.

    We also provide all aspects of routine building maintenance in hard to reach areas, get in touch today for a free quotation and survey